Westgate Golf Course is a challenging 9 hole golf course. The characteristics of the course consist of tight fairways and elevated greens, some of which are bunkered. There is also a creek running through the center of the course which adds another level of difficulty. Par for the course is 65 and meterage is 4258m.


A short par 3 of 103 meters from the back markers, this hole is a tricky start to your round with a heavily bunkered elevated green.


The second is a difficult par 4 of 320 meters with the creek coming into play. Most players will need to lay up on the drive to avoid running into the creek, which is around 200 meters from the tee. The green is long but narrow with two green side bunkers on the left. One of these is a pot bunker so try to avoid this if you can.


The third hole, also a par 4 of 299 meters give the opportunity to crank the driver. There are two fairway bunkers, one on the left and one on the right, both approximately 220 meters from the tee. If you negotiate the drive successfully you'll be left with an approximately 100 meter pitch to an elevated green, once again surrounded by bunkers, two at the front, one on the left side and one over the back of the green on the right hand side.


The fourth hole is the longest hole on the course. The hole has two different tee boxes which allows it to play as a par 4 (392 meters) on the front nine and a par 5 (465 meters) on the back nine. This is rated the courses hardest hole with good reason.


One of the signature holes on the course, this dog leg par 3 of 166 meters is also rated as a difficult hole on the course. There are multiple ways of playing this hole, however, the best method is to hit up and over the trees obscuring the green. If you can cut the ball with control then this may be an option too. Be careful as out of bounds is to the right of the fairway, trees to the left and the creek comes into play again if you misjudge the distance long.


At first view this hole appears to be a genuine birdie chance. A par 4 hole of 241 meters this hole is rated one of the easier holes on the course but don't be deceived, it has claws. Driving the green is an option on this hole, however, to do this you either have to draw the ball around a narrow fairway with plenty of trees ready to get in the way or if you prefer, just go over the trees and take them out of play. The green is elevated and generous in proportion.


A 132 meter par 3, the seventh hole plays harder than it looks. A deep bunker sprawls across the front left of the green. Go into this bunker and your next shot will be to a green sloping away and down hill which makes it incredibly hard to stop it on the green. To the left is out of bounds and to the right are dense trees so its imperative to hit the green here or pay the price.


This hole is a 324 meter par 4 with a narrow fairway. If you hit left off the tee you'll be on railway tracks and out of bounds. Hit right and you'll be in trees. The creek shouldn't come into play on this hole, however, if you don't quite connect on the drive you might find yourself in the drink. The green is elevated but quite substantial in size with a bunker down the left hand side. This hole is rated quite difficult, however, nail the drive and a world of opportunities presents itself.


The closing hole on the course is a 122 meter par 3 and a great hole to finish your round. A very generous green is protected by only one bunker at the front right of the green. The green itself is reasonable flat compared to the other greens on the course. If you walk away with more than a three on this hole then its the one that got away.

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