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Welcome to the Westgate Golf Course WGC. This is a very challenging 9 hole golf course. It may be quite short, but don't let distance fool you, course management is a must here. The course consists of tight fairways and elevated greens (most of which are bunkered). There is also a creek running through the center of the course which adds another level of difficulty. Medium to fast greens. Par for the course is 64, meterage is 3900 + m (temp). The course is in fantastic condition and all types of golfers will thoroughly enjoy the playing surfaces. Much appreciation to our amazing greens staff most of all and members that contribute to the upkeep. Note: We are currently impacted by the Westgate tunnel project x3 Temporary tees in place Expected project finish date is roughly November 2024.

Hole 1.png


The opening hole at Westgate GC is a trickier than it looks par 3 With 2 large bunkers surrounding the entire front of the green. A relatively flat green with subtle breaks. It is a wide green, but narrow front to back. You must have your iron game on from the start.

Hole 2.png


The second hole at Westgate GC is a challenging par 4. Elevated tee box hitting to a downhill fairway. You must avoid the water hazard at approx. 220m (Stoney Creek) from blue tee markers. This must be taken into consideration as it does come into play off the tee box. Your approach shot is then uphill to a large green, with many tricky slopes. Short hole, but still a challenge to make par.

Hole 3.png


The 3rd Hole at Westgate GC is a short and straight par 4. Don't be fooled by how easy this hole looks as it is the widest fairway at WGC, but position is a must, 2 bunkers guard either side of the fairway at roughly 215m  from tee (115 out from the green) with a elevated green making your approach shot a little more challenging. There are 4 bunkers surrounding the green, 2 bunkers front left and right plus bunkers left middle and right rear. Fairly large green, sloping from back to front.

Hole 4.png


The 4th hole at Westgate GC is quite intimidating to even the best of golfers. This is a long par 4 with no bunkers but trouble everywhere. There is the creek on the left, running along side the fairway which then cuts across the fairway approx. 230m from blue tee markers, so it very much comes into play off tee box, Heavy tree line either side to make things even more challenging. The approach shot is similar to links golf, as you want to run it up to green. Going long is a mistake as the green slopes hard from back to front. The green is narrow with extreme slopes, making this one of our hardest holes at Westgate GC (Shared Green with 6th hole)

Hole 5.png


Ok golfers, prepare to be challenged by our Dog-leg par 3.

You are unable to see the green from the tee box making this a true challenge from the competition tee box (blue markers). Without a doubt the most talked about hole amongst other clubs.

This feature hole at WGC is a dog-leg par 3 shaping from left to right from the tee. Out of bounds runs all the way down the right side of the fairway (very much in play) plays long and needs a 25-35 meter fade to hit the green. With at tight narrow fairway, heavy tree line and the smallest green on the course which is elevated back and sides. The green slopes are quite tricky to read. A true challenge to make par!

Hole 6.png


The 6th hole at Westgate GC is a mid length par 4. There is a  very slight dogleg left to a elevated green which adds a bit of relief after the difficulty of 4th and 5th holes. Still difficult for the mid to high handicappers due to the narrow fairway and unforgiving treeline though the long hitters will have a chance of reaching the green of the tee. The green has slight slopes and a severe runoff at the front. If you are slightly short with your approach then your ball is coming back to you (Shared Green with 4th hole )

Hole 7.png


The 7th Hole at Westgate GC Is a medium length par 3 has a severe elevated green with severe runoff at the front accompanied with a large bunker to the left.

This whole requires a precise tee shot to hold the green which is tricky to navigate as it slopes hard back to front. Watch out for the heavy treeline on the left fairway

hole 8.png


The 8th hole at Westgate GC is a medium length par 4 with plenty of trouble on the way to the green. It consists of an elevated tee box heading down to a very tight fairway with heavy treeline either side of fairway. Out of bounds runs the entire length of the fairway from tee to green, Just left of treeline (train tracks) The green is medium sized also elevated with medium slopes and heavy run off areas to the left of the green, leaving a challenging chip up on a severe slope.

Be aware of the large challenging bunker to avoid left hand side of the green.

Hole 9.png


The 9th at Westgate golf club, Note: Currently a temporary tee box due to the Westgate tunnel works. Currently at 85m to the centre of the green. This short par 3 has a very large green with slight but tricky slopes. There is also a very large bunker surrounding the front of the green. Keep an eye out for the large gum tree to avoid on the left hand side of the fairway.

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